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AGS – Administração e Gestão de Sistemas de Salubridade, SA is a company focused on preserving the environment, operating along the entire water cycle. It works in areas from consultancy and the development of specialised engineering services to the management, operation and maintenance of urban water systems and treatment facilities.

AGS adapts to the needs of its customers and partners and can operate under different contract regimes, particularly Concessions, Institutionalised Public-Private Partnerships and the Provision of Services.

It is a private company that was founded in 1988, with share capital of EUR 21,000,000.00, currently held by Marubeni. It operates mainly in Portugal and Brazil.

defines us


The AGS mission is to provide management, operation and maintenance services for water collection, treatment, storage and distribution systems and drainage and wastewater treatment systems through concessions, institutionalised public-private partnerships or service provision, as well as engineering services.


The ethical values and basic principles of the operation of AGS deal with respect for compliance with the law, integrity, transparency, responsibility, safety and respect for human rights.


AGS intends to be a benchmark for excellence in the sector and to be positioned among the best private companies in the markets where it operates, across all its areas of activity.

AGS in
the world

5,700 km water
3,400 km wastewater
1,200,000 people served
550 km water
430 km wastewater
260,915 people served
6,800 km water
500 km wastewater
9,850,000 people served
4,800 km water
2,800 km wastewater
1,800,000 people served