Hydraulic Modelling

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AGS trains Water Utilities in the construction and operation of hydraulic simulation models through the implementation of methodologies promoting the development of knowledge of the networks and providing an integrated analysis of the systems aimed at supporting decision-making in terms of system planning, projects and operation.

The solution includes the following activities:

Planning and building the hydraulic model

Infrastructure, consumption and flow data

Implementation and calibration of the hydraulic model

Operation and application of the hydraulic model


Optimisation of water supply system operation

Identification of typical consumer behaviour

Creating scenarios for system hydraulic conditions to support planning and the project


Development of a programme for the implementation of water supply simulation models

Supply systems

17Water Utilities

4.339km of network


77Pumping stations


Sectorisation of water supply networks

Optimisation of pumping conditions

Support of active loss detection campaigns

Use of pressure reducing valves

Assessment of alternative operation solutions

Assessment of how long water is in distribution networks

Analysis of alternatives for network remodelling

Technical training for teams

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