Consultancy & Development of Solutions

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Technical & Procedural Operational Assistance

Performance Assessment System (iEQTA methodology) and diagnostic study of the functioning of the facilities

Characterisation of effluent (domestic and industrial)

Treatability tests and definition of treatment lines

Preliminary Studies (technical and economic solution)

Optimisation Solutions - process and maintenance (reducing consumption and resource recovery)

Investment Analysis (definition of priorities and calculating the ROI - Return On Investment)

Design, Construction and Operation of Treatment Systems

Remodelling and Renovating Facilities

Supply and Installation of Equipment

Project monitoring/supervision


Gains in efficiency and generation of value for our customers

Customisation of integrated solutions in line with technical and legal requirements and according to the budget of each customer

Optimisation of infrastructures and securing returns on investments

Assessment and continuous improvement in system operational performance

Sustainable management and optimisation of resources, subcontracts and utilities

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