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4 JAN 2021

AGS is beginning a Performance-Based Agreement in Constanța, Romania aimed at reducing non-revenue water

The project will be implemented at RAJA S.A., the water utility in charge of the water service in Constanța and will continue for a total of 5 years.

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AGS software has a new image

The Flowise, Meterwise, Waterwise and Workwise software solutions by AGS – Water Solutions, a company that manages the urban water cycle, have a new image. In the rebranding process, “effectiveness and sustainable water management” are the common elements in the four products.

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Klüg Creative Agency handling AGS – Water Solutions

The AGS – Water Solutions media relations strategy is in the hands of the Klüg Creative Agency, which also handles the company's online and offline communication. Devoted to integral management of the urban water cycle, AGS focuses on the sustainability and efficiency of the systems, issues that should be reflected in its communication.

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