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02 Dec 2022

AGS Water Solutions wins the PT Global Water Awards 2022

Last November, AGS Water Solutions won an award at the 5th edition of the PT Global Water Awards 2022, a recognition of success in the water sector.

AGS stood out in the Research, Development, and Innovation category, where it won with the innovation brought by Flowise Corporate, a software for intelligent monitoring of water and energy consumption in real-time that aims to optimize consumption, reduce costs, and intervention time by the maintenance teams, to promote water and energy efficiency.

This software stands out for its ability to intelligently monitor consumption, calculate historical patterns of expected consumption in each area being scanned, and differentiate between weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays by comparing with real-time readings. Alarms are generated automatically, allowing the detection of leaks or other abnormal events, in good time, which would otherwise be more difficult to detect, allowing shorter action times, reducing not only water and energy costs but also the impact on terms of infrastructure, in addition to saving water wasted during leakage.

The PT Global Water Awards are a well-known event dedicated to the recognition of companies that stand out in the internationalization of the Portuguese water sector and which has the support of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, being jointly promoted by the Água&Ambiente newspaper and the Portuguese Water Partnership (PPA).