Infrastructure Asset Management

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AGS promotes the implementation of Infrastructure Asset Management Plans aimed at assuring the sustainability of the assets in urban water systems in the long term, leading to raising awareness for investment in the systems, assuring appropriate service levels and minimising the associated risks and costs.

The solution includes the following activities:

Preparation of water services diagnostics - Overall assessment of the system - Identification of the information available

Production of the Plan - Strategic level - Tactical level - Operational level

Plan follow-up and monitoring - Support for the implementation of the actions - Analysis of results

Technical training in the Infrastructure Asset Management methodology

Implementing technological solutions:

Performance assessment

Support for the renovation of water supply systems

Intervention management

Management and maintenance of physical assets


Providing the Water Utilities with a long-term planning instrument - Infrastructure Asset Management Plan

Promoting appropriate management of urban water system assets

Developing strategies, tactics and operations for adding value to physical, human and technological assets


Development of projects aimed at preparing an Infrastructure Asset Management Plan for the water supply and wastewater drainage systems.

Plan for the reduction of infiltration and inflow

14Water Utilities

14.265km of network



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