Operation and maintenance of water infrastructures

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Circular management of water

Services customise according to the specific needs of the customer and the infrastructure

Real-time information (performance of process and functioning of equipment), anticipating decision-making

Compliance with contractual, legal, operations and other requirements

Sustainable management and optimisation of resources, subcontracts and utilities

Minimisation of environmental impact and occupational accidents

Important note:
Service completely customised and adapted to customer needs, particularly in terms of:

Type of Infrastructures

Water transport and/or storage and/or treatment

Wastewater transport and/or storage and/or treatment (domestic, urban, industrial, leachate, olive mill wastewater)

Water for recreational purposes: swimming pools, Jacuzzis, lakes and fountains

Type of Services

Full (all services included)

Partial (according to customer needs)

Operation and Maintenance services in the urban water cycle infrastructures for Private Clients e Public Clients

63O&M Contracts

> 2,5Million m3 water/year

> 27,5Million m3 wastewater/year

> 157Thousand lab test/year

> 940Facilities



250Pumping Stations

271Decentralized Water Systems


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