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Flowise is real-time analysis and monitoring software for water supply and wastewater networks.

How does it work?

Data Collection and Integration


Network information recorded and sensor data (pressure, flow, temperature, speed, precipitation, etc.), with subsequent integration into flowise

Network Monitoring


Flowise processes the data by zone and compares them to the historical data (pattern generated by flowise for that zone)

Integrated Analysis


Alarms are generated based on the differences between the real values and the expected values, classifying them by type and intervention priority

Alarms & Implementation


The alarms generated are dealt with and categorised by users and the relevant teams, including operational teams, for rapid and effective intervention

Efficient Network Management


Reports and statistics regarding the events, operational management and consumption and infiltration performance are produced based on the monitoring


Benefits of use

In water supply networks:

Identification of invisible leaks and anomalies

Reduction of water losses and assessment of lost volumes

Reduction of time for active leak detection by the operational teams

Analysis of the effectiveness of the operational activities in the reduction of minimum flows

Increased billing (referent to detection of theft or lost volumes, for example)

In wastewater drainage networks:

Improved knowledge of the system through quantification of total infiltration

Identification of the influence of precipitation events on the drainage network

Determination of dry weather and wet weather patterns

Reduction of action time in the detection of obstructions and flooding

Reduction of operating costs of pumping stations and treatment stations

Determination of critical points in the drainage system

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