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27 jun 2023

AGS Water Solutions AI solution is chosen in Japan for prioritisation of water network rehabilitation

The future of the water infrastructures in the city of Sendai, Japan, is being assessed and rethought by the private operator AGS Water Solutions. 

All factors considered, AGS Infrawise software, which relies heavily on artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, was chosen as the best option, as one of its goals is to achieve greater efficiency in urban water cycle management operations.

The city of Sendai challenged the market, through companies operating mainly in the water sector, to present solutions, in which the choice was very careful, in order to find the best alternative to prioritise the rehabilitation of its water distribution network. It should be noted that Sendai is a city with over 1 million inhabitants, with objectives focused on the adoption of innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions, namely in the operation of its water supply systems.

The water supply infrastructures of Japan, which were the target of a great investment during the period of greatest economic growth of the country, are now, naturally, beginning to age. Based on the need to maintain an acceptable average age of these infrastructures to ensure their continuous and correct operation, the analysis of the proposals was focused on finding the best solution that would consider all the aspects that would influence the delivery of the best result. 

From this evaluation, AGS was selected not only for its experience and effective results in the prioritisation and optimisation of rehabilitation investment plans through artificial intelligence technologies, but also for its continuous contribution in supporting national and international management entities.