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4 JAN 2021

AGS is beginning a Performance-Based Agreement in Constanța, Romania aimed at reducing non-revenue water

The project will be implemented at RAJA S.A., the water utility in charge of the water service in Constanța and will continue for a total of 5 years.

The project will consist of different campaigns for reducing non-revenue water in this region, such as pressure management, dividing the network up into DMAs (District Metered Areas), active leak control, installation of measuring equipment, hydraulic modelling, dealing with commercial water losses, recording maintenance and repair work, technical training and other medium- and long-term measures.

This project is aimed at achieving several objectives at RAJA S.A.:

- Significant reduction in non-revenue water;

- Technical training for the RAJA S.A. team in order to focus on reducing losses;

- Use of software aimed at controlling water losses;

- Adapting the model used in Constanța to the entire operational area of RAJA S.A. in order to reduce water losses.